Franchise Consulting & Development
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Franchise Consulting | Expert Witness | Operations Manuals

Over 39 years of senior-level franchise experience and a solid reputation in the industry.

The Franchise Business Model

Establishing a new franchise company is a complex and serious endeavor. In addition to addressing compliance with the many laws governing the field, there is the reality of assisting new, inexperienced franchisees on a daily basis. You can never forget that you will be assuming the responsibility for the success of these individuals who have placed their trust in you. They are investing their savings in their life long dream of owning a business, and they are counting on you to make their dreams come true. Therefore, you must provide them with the best possible vehicle for their success. As an accomplished business person you can probably create many of these items yourself, but having expert guidance overseeing the assembly of your new franchise company greatly increases you and your franchisees' chance for success.

Services Available

Following is a list of items on which you can obtain assistance through JC Franchising:

  • Operations manuals
  • Sales materials
  • Trademark protection
  • Consult on Franchise Documents and registration (coordinate with Franchise Attorneys)
  • Assist with Feasibility studies
  • Assist with Financial projections
  • Assist with Business plans
  • Assist with Marketing plans
  • Assist with sales process
  • Assist with Lead generating advertising
  • Problem solving
  • Web Design & Development

Your Investment in Your Future

Each company is unique and each assistance program is tailored to the needs of the company, therefore, it is impossible to publish a general fee schedule. However, as a point of reference, typically the program that gives the new Franchisor the opportunity to install hundreds or even thousands of Franchises will cost less to create than the income generated by only one or two units over the lifetime of their contracts.

Therefore, your return on the investment for developing your franchise program has the potential of being quite substantial.